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  1. Seven Reasons Why Wonder Woman Has Saved the DCEU

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    June 8, 2017 by timbuckler

    A little piece I wrote on a far superior blog site. Click the link to read! https://medium.com/@timothybuckler/7-reasons-why-wonder-woman-has-saved-the-dceu-b085e87c2fae  Advertisements

  2. Superheroes Who Need To Lighten Up

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    October 22, 2014 by timbuckler

    My latest artcle for whatsupwhatson.com! Are superhero films getting too dark? Have a ganders! http://www.whatsupwhatson.com/superheroes-who-need-to-lighten-up/

  3. The Man of Steel: What I DO and DON’T want to see

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    February 11, 2013 by timbuckler

    Not long now…….. It’s been five years since the last Superman film, and after a rocky road, Man of Steel …
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  4. Why Batman/Superman is my religion


    July 9, 2012 by timbuckler

    Seriously,one day when I have lost weight and gained the courage, I am getting this tattoo What with me just …
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