Tim’s Top Five: Wrestlemania Promo Videos!

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March 26, 2015 by timbuckler

Hello kids! It’s that time of year again where I like to watch grown men oil up and rub each others bodies in a totally non-gay way! IT’S WRESTLEMAAAAANNNNIAAAA!

Ever year I tend to write my picks of who is going to win what match but I already did that in the latest episode of TGNR (which you can watch here)

So instead I’m going to do something different and share with you my top five Wrestlemania promo video packages!

5. The Deadman Returns

In the year 2000 The Undertaker changed his gimmick from goth to American motorcycle dude. It was ok for a while, but as the years went by fans started to miss the original Phenom. Five months prior to Wrestlemania XX Kane, Undertaker’s brospeh, pretty much straight up murderd Taker by burying him alive at Survivor Series stating that he did it because he “became one of you!”This ushered in a string of paranormal messages for Kane, from lighting bolts to ring levitation. We never actually saw the resurrected Undertaker untill the night of Mania, making this one of the most exciting comebacks of all time!

4.The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

An argument I used to have in the playground with my Wrestling chums was “who would win in a fight, The Rock or Hulk Hogan?”. It was a dream match. It would never happen. But by god it did!

WCW went bust the year before and in January 2001 after 9 years The Hulkster returned to the WWE under his heel nWo persona.

The promo video for this match was cheesy but perfect, with the Rock telling the legend that he turned his back on the people, and at Wrestlemania it was his chance to give the people what they wanted. A dream bout never to be replicated…well, not until almost ten years later..

3. John Cena vs The Rock

A year in the making. It was the night after Wrestlemania 27 that The Rock Challenged John Cena to a match. That’s 365 days worth of hype and it is all caught in this excellent video montage of WWE superstars present and past telling us exactly why the fight is going to be a big deal. That, alongside videos of The Rock and Cena as kids and the early days of their wrestling careers, never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

2. Daniel Bryan: Monster

WWE gave Daniel Bryan a hard time both in reality and in the ring. Sometimes the lines between fact and fiction get blurred.

Bryan was already a 15 year in-ring veteran by the time he came to WWE but the company decided to keep using him as a mid card talent. After they failed to put him over at the Rumble and allowed the returning Batista to win the fans made their voices heard.

They booed Batista religiously thus sabotaging the Mania main event (they biggest match of the year cannot be drowned out by disapproval, that’s just bad for business) so the company gave Bryan a chance; if he could beat Triple H at the beginning of the night, he too will be in the main event. Although they outcome was pretty obvious this video did the perfect job of capturing the hard work DB had put into getting his moment.

1.The Rock Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

The WWE was at its peek in 2001 and the two biggest superstars in the world were scheduled to throw down once again. That is all.

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