Play Pinball Wizard! The Reasons Why There’s No Excuse Not To

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July 15, 2014 by timbuckler

If you have ever been out drinking with me (and if you know me, chances are you have) then you will know the drunken battle cry of me and my buddies. “PLAY PINBALL WIZARD!”

You could be a DJ, a cover band or just some poor schmoe doing an open mic set, if you live in the Woking/Guilford you better know your Who, otherwise justice will be both swift and fantastic.

The reason why is because whenever we make this demand and it is fulfilled everyone goes batshit crazy. From the epic intro to the grand finale, everyone sings along because everyone knows the words……or at least pretends to.

Holy Man Jam, Boulder, CO  Aug. 1970

“Ever since I was a young boy, Badadadada balls!”

Honourable mention goes to the pianist at the Tickled Ivory in Guilford for not looking like a deer in headlights when my bearded face screams in his.  He just nods, then rocks out THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!

The highest point of my vocal screams came in Reading 2008. Me and my pal Jamie where shouting our catchphrase throughout  the festival and one band actually did it! Not saying it was because of us or if it was part of their set (99 percent sure it was the latter) But I’ll be damned if The D didn’t rock the shit out of it.

Here are some other acts who know what the fuck they are doing. First up is Elton! He played the Wizard in the movie Tommy, and probably does the best cover

Kaiser Cheifs are up next. Cheeky buggers did a cover of it at the Olympic closing ceremony even though The Who were playing later that night! my guess is the Queen demanded it.

Then you got the London Symphony Orchestra chiming in with their version

Who was that shit pop rock band from the mid 2000’s? No, not Busted, the ones that actually had a little bit of talent. Oh that’s right, McFly!

Lets not forget the album which the song came from, Tommy! Easily THE BEST ALBUM EVER it twas a Rock Opera, one which translated well in the medium of musical theatre.

Alternative 80’s rock more your thing? Well hears the Smithereens!

Even without the rest of the band Pete Townsend knows how his bread is earned.

I have no idea who Ice is, but fuck it, why not.

Sigh….Glee did it….of course….

In fact just look on wikipedia and you’ll find a whole list of covers

So basically the lesson is if you’re in a band and you don’t know how to play Pinball Wizard you need to stop right now as you obviously got into music for all the wrong reasons.

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