Classic tv theme tunes you may not know have full versions!

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May 17, 2014 by timbuckler

Pretty long winded title eh? But it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Only a quick one this, but I just love it when I discover a full version of a theme song I love. That way is justifies itself being put onto my music player. It justifies a dance round my bedroom. I would say it justifies it being sung on karaoke…but nothing justifies karaoke (unless it’s Bat out of Hell as portrayed by my friend Alf who breaks up the five minute long guitar solos by doing “parkour” around the bar. Parkour meaning him jumping off walls and tables screaming “PARKOUR”.)

Some of these are random as I am just typing off the top of my head all of the full length goodness I have found over the years. Hell, some of these shows you may have never heard of.

Lets do this.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name- Theme from Cheers


If your feeling miserable and depressed, arrange a piss up with some pals and play this before you go out and I guarantee you……..You will still feel miserable and depressed. See, the troubles are all the same. But at least everybody knows your name. Apart from that guy. Fuck that guy.

Fraiser Theme Tune


We shall spin-off from Cheers with the spin-off from cheers.  A full jazzy toss salad and scrambled eggs is what I’m eating for breaky. To be played when you feel like shaking your head and wiggling your finger.

Songs of love- Father Ted theme 

father ted

The Divine Comedy are responsible for his beautiful beauty. To be listened too when in the country, swigging whisky with a whimsical whistle. (FUN FACT: The Divine Comedy are also responsible for Ted’s Eurovision entrant “My Lovely Horse”)


The Fireman Sam theme


Yes. I have the Fireman Sam theme on my music box. When I was a young warthog I got so fucking pumped when the intro kicked in I would crush my P.O.G’S and bite into my Tamagotchi. That heroic surge has stayed with me to this day.

It’s just the sheer amount of effort put into a simple kids theme that I love. Especially round the 1.28 theme where shit gets real. To be played when you want to beat the best. Save the fucking day.

While we are at it here are some other epic kiddie classics.


The fact no one has done a metal version of the Muskerhounds theme is fucking disgusting.

Here is the one I was proudest to find. I like listen to this walking to work whilst I imagine a camera filming me. Title reads “Timmy the FuckTank”

When I get to the work door I smile at the camera and puff smoke.

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads theme


The Likely Lads was a shit tv show from back in the day. Ten years later they got together for a new series. The show was still shit, but the theme tune is mega.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme


Nothing is funnier than when your at a club and this kicks in and everyone sings along with such confidence until “MY MOM GOT SCARED AND SAID YOUR MOVING WITH YOU AUNTIE AND UNCLE TO BEL-AIR! I WHI—wait, wha?”

There is an extra verse bitches! Learn it to break from the crowd.

There are many more full songs of famous tv themes out there, if you know anymore please comment! I may be sad but I love this shiz.

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