Bryan Cranston: Before the Bad was Broken.

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May 9, 2014 by timbuckler

Ok, confession time. I never really got into Breaking Bad.


Yeah I know. I watched the pilot and although I thought it was great telly my attention span does not allow me to sit through TV shows unless they involve an eccentric smart arse lead (see Doctor Who and Sherlock), grown men play fighting in lycra (see WWE) or if it’s 20-30mins of giggles (sitcoms, cartoons, childish shit). The latter is how I became a fan of Bryan Cranston.

Did you know that Cranston has been around for almost 30 years before he started cooking meth in a caravan? “Ok Tim, we all know he played the dad in Malcolm in the-” SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m not done.

Walter White has always been there. Locked up in your childhood subconscious. Some of you may know, some of you may not. Seeing as how Godzilla is tearing up cinemas across the country next week I thought now would be a good time to tell you all my favourite roles played by the man.

3rd Rock From the Sun- Neil

3 rd rock from the sun

Third Rock from the Sun was a sitcom about aliens posing as a normal american family. In one episode our heroes go onboard a riverboat casino and much hilarity ensues. During this adventure the girls fall for an egocentric Neil Diamond impersonator (Cranston). He even gets to snog Sally, the crews security officer and a childhood crush I can’t work out even to this day.

Seinfeld- Tim Whatley


Cranston’s first major recurring role was on the sitcom that was about nothing. Possibly his biggest role at the time (Seinfeld is the most successful live action comedy show in history) he played Tim Whatley, Jerry’s creepy dentist.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch- Witch Lawyer


Ok kids, this is one you should all remember as most of us used to tune into this whimsy week nights after school. In the episode “The Troll Bride” The Bry-man plays a witch lawyer assigned with the task of breaking a contract in witch are titular heroine has to marry a troll. Could only find the full ep so skip to 8 mins in to find our man. Or watch the full thing like I did. Proper nostalgia trip. This episode also feature that little person who was in everything until the little matey from Game of Thrones stole his career.


You know, this poor little bugger.

Baywatch- Tom Logan


Baywatch was a show about ladies with big boobs running in slow motion (the way saturday night TV was supposed to be, goddammit!).

In the episode “Cruise Ship” the silicone gang try to stop an seedy party cruise boat captained by Brian. He gets his comeuppance when his ship loses control and is humbled when recused by a team who’s collective IQ add up to 12.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- Various Villains

power rangers


Shiz just got interesting eh? Rack your brains, go on, try and work out who he played……..not Bulk and Skull…..not Zordon’s big floaty head…..give up? Well you’re an idiot because I said it in the title. He was the voice of various monsters that the Rangers would fight with their dance kung fu style including one of my all-time favs “The Creature with Multiple Snake Dicks!” (I think thats what it said on the toy box).

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie



End this with my personal favourite. I only found this out the other day and it is the main reason I am writing this piece. Cranston was the voice of one of my favourite Street Fighter characters, Fei Long! (Always had a thing for the Bruce Lee clones in fighting games.)

I watched the movie hundreds of times as a child and can quote along like karaoke. Little did I know I was quoting with one of the most versatile actors of our generation.

After all these years of displaying his talent Brian Cranston is finally getting the respect and admiration he deserves. Lets hope this sets a trend for other bit part players to get there chance in the sun.

I’m looking at you Martin Mull


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