Why TV has always hated people called Tim (Names people have shouted at me during my lifetime)

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October 21, 2013 by timbuckler

My name is Tim.

I love my name. If I am in high society I can be called Timothy. If I’m feeling like a cheeky chappy I can be called Timmy and If I feel blokey I can be called Tim.

But this blessing can also be a curse as television during my life time has always named characters with catchy catchphrases after my moniker and people have taken full advantage of it.

So if you grow tired of calling me Jack Black, Matt Berry or the matey who used to work in Blockbusters here be some other things you can scream at me whilst I am walking down the street.

Tim “the tool man” Taylor (Home Improvement 1991)


Home Improvement was an American sitcom about a family man who hosted his own TV DIY show called Tool Time. It ran for 8 years and was perfect evening viewing to munch down dinner with your family.

The Nickname

Didn’t mind this one so much as this was the second fictional character I knew called Tim (after Timothy Mouse from Dumbo) and I used to think Tim Allan was the coolest mother trucker on the planet. People tended to shout it as a greeting and when they did I would respond with a “Harrggh Haarrgghh Harrgghh” or an “Uhhhh!?”

(These where the strange grunt noises Tim Taylor tended to make and not me choking on a sandwich.)

Tim nice but dim (Harry Enfield and Chums 1994)

Harry Enfield as Tim Nice But Dim

At the time Harry Enfield and Chums was probably the funniest sketch show ever created (only to be surpassed by the Fast Show a few years later). Many characters, many catchphrases. Sadly, this fucker just happened to be called Tim.

The Nickname 

Yeah, so I don’t remember this one too fondly. Especially when some bright spark came up with the rhyme “Tim, Tim, nice but dim, found his cloths in a rubbish bin.”

But to be fair Tim nice but dim was one of the first impressions I remember doing, alongside John Major and Michael Caine (which ironically enough I modelled on Paul Whithouse’s Nosey Neighbour character from the same show). “What a bloody nice bloke”…..

TIM-O-THY! (Fully Booked 1998)


Fully Booked was a Saturday morning kids show that used to be on whenever Live and Kicking was not. Tim Vincent, the coolest Blue Peter presenter of all time was one of the hosts and at the end of every show there would be a quiz where the buzzers would call out the name of the presenters. Gail Porter’s would be a quick, shrill “GAIL!” and Vincent’s would be a cool sultry “Tim-o-thy!”

The Nickname

Strange one this. I was about 11 years old at the time and like many high school boys my dark dirty thoughts were just starting to stir. So what was weird was whenever my mates would shout it I found it annoying, but whenever girls did it made my dingle dangle go all funny.

(1.40 in to hear the battle cry that would define a generation)

TIMMMAAAAYYY (South Park 2000)


Every Friday night I would tune into Channel Four to watch my favourite show of all time. One evening during 2000 South Park unveiled a new character called Timmy Burch. Laugh I did at the un pc humour of a person who could only shout his own name and “ribbler!”…..Then fear I did as I realised the shit storm that was going to hit me at school on Monday morning……

The Nickname

This one never really went away and it got old. Fast. Every time someone asked me something it would start with “TIMMMAAAAAY!” sometimes inducing a giggle fit so large said person would forget why the called me. Even people who hadn’t ever watched an episode of South Park jumped on the bandwagon. Even teachers and at one point even my own Mother……..

Soooo there. Haven’t had a new Tim related name in a while but at some point last year my friend Mike informed of a show that would change my life. The TV Tim that probably sums me up the most…….

You can find me on facebook at facebook.com/timsfortressofsolitude

or twitter you twittery tweets @TimBuckler316 

Tim Buckler will return……


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