Billy Squier : Your favourite singer you never heard of.

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September 29, 2013 by timbuckler

Billy Squier. Chances are, unless you’re a music aficionado, you have never heard of him. Which is strange because there is a very high chance that you like one or more of his songs.


So just who the fudge is he? Well back in the eighties he was apparently a big deal, filling arenas around the world with 80’s power rock but somehow whenever I ask someone if they are a fan they say no. Even though they love his music. “What are you talking about Tim? GET TO THE POINT!”

No. I’m going to sod around a little bit more first and then I will reveal all.

So let me tell you how I discovered him. It was through the unintentionally hilarious wrestling video “the birth of the Fabulous Ones.”

I loved it so much I showed it to all my friends and each viewing the background song became more and more engraved in my head. I tried to ignore these dark thoughts but eventually I gave in, with a little help from Puddle of Mudd.



Y’see, on a Rolling Stones youtube click spree I found a particularly awesome P.O.M version of Gimmie Shelter. Apparently the Muddsters released a cover album a few years back and one of the tracks featured involved none other than the music of Mr Squier.

If Puddle of Mudd can rank Billy with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Led Zep why can’t I? The thing is, I didn’t realise I was already a fan…….

Eminem’s back by the way. And I think his new track “Berzerk” is extremely rocking in an old school hip hop Beastie Boys kinda way.

So I took a look to see what song was sampled for this funktastc tune……..Yup, it was Bill el’s sebub.

Not only that but I discovered that another of Squier’s tracks was one of the most sampled songs in Hip-hop history.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, The Big Beat

So how many people have rocked The Big Beat? Well, Special Ed used it for his mission.

Run DMC have given it a go……


as did Kanye West

along with his Paris dining partner Jay Z

and of course Dizzee Rascal

Plus many, many more…… So much more in fact you could probably put a rap compilation album together called “The Big Beat”.

So many thanks to you Billy. Yo gon’ and changed the whole game dawg….

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Tim Buckler will return….


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