Batfflcik! Other celebs who people thought were horribly miscast (but ended up rocking it)

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August 23, 2013 by timbuckler

So we have are new Caped Crusader! And it’s Ben Affleck!



My first reaction was “WHAT!?”, then two seconds later I pictured him in the cowl. Strong build, big chin, yep that works.

Then I thought about past performances…..Tortured soul? Yup, Holllywoodland. Action hero? Yup, Armageddon, Daredevil……Checks all the boxes so far.

The only thing I was a little worried about was the voice, but after looking at youtube for film clips I’m even comfortable with that.

If you need anything else to put your mind at rest, remember Affleck is a comic-book fan. He is fair more likely to get the character than most other A-list actors. Say what you want about DareDevil as a film, I think he got the tone of Matt Murdock perfectly.

Another good thing about casting a big name is it pretty much confirms that we not going to get another backstory. It’s a new take on the character, but a familiar face (and a slightly older one) means the audience will have a sense of recognition with having to go through the bloody backstory again. We get it, dead parents, criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot, boom, go. This maybe a Batman where his universe, including all villain’s and side characters are already in place. We haven’t jumped into an already established Gotham since Adam West (in my mind technically the most true to comic take on any superhero character ever, but that is a different blog for a different day)

So on to facebook and twitter, and I see all my friends who are movie and comic savvy have commented on how its an interesting choice (If a bit cowardly on the WB’s part). Everyone else hates it. But these people are pig shit thick when it comes to such geeky matters.

Here are some other actors which the fans hated but warmed too as soon as they saw the finished product (myself included)

Heath Ledger- The Joker.


Ok, this is the biggest example on the list, and the one most smart people are bringing up as a point on the social media machines, but it’s bloody true.

I was ready to shit all over Heath. “No!” shouted I “It should be Shawn Penn, or Steve Carrel!”

Oh how wrong I was. He became iconic over night, sadly with no small help from his untimely passing. But even if Heath was with us today I still think his Joker would now be the definitive portrayal, and who knows how the Dark Knight Rises would have panned out if his character continued his journey.

Daniel Craig- James Bond 


“BUT, HE IS BLONDE! BONDS NOT BLONDE!” The press gave Craig a hard time when he was cast, even belittling him for wearing a life jacket as he took a boat trip down the Thames……Oh how wrong we all were.

The first Bond since Connery who looked like he could tear a man apart with his bare hands, not only is Craig an awesome 007 but he made everyone in between look a bit silly. Even Pierce, who used to be my second fav looks week as he huffs and puffs his way through action scenes with squinted eyes. Craig plays the part as an ice-cold killer, and at the end of the day that’s what Bond is.

Matt Smith- Doctor Who


When Tennant, the most beloved Doctor in years, gave his teary final line “I don’t want to go….” the nation cried along with him. Then, a few seconds later, when Matt Smith shouted “Geronimo!” the nation collectively yelled “FUCK OFF!”

He looked like a child and acted like a tit. It wasn’t until half way through his first episode I realised he was perfect for the part. Despite his youthful complexion Matt played the Doctor as befuddled old man, with a miss understanding of youth but the wisdom that can only be gained with 900+ years of life.

Controversial as this may sound, I think Smith was the best since Baker.

Benedict Cumberbatch- Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes-1551460

I may be alone on this, but when I first saw the spy pics of BBC’s Sherlock, I threw a bit of a pissy fit.

Contemporary setting, Tim from the Office as Watson and the curly haired tosser as Holmes? Nah mate.

Then when I watched it and I was treated to the most loyal portrayal of the books since the Jeremy Brett series. Holmes was an unemotional, almost unlikable genius with Watson as his Jiminey Cricket, his conscience. Bloody brilliant.

Chris Pine- Captain James T Kirk


Now this one made me REALLY angry. How can anyone replace the Shat? Why bother? Why not just introduce a new crew?

The thing I love most about Pines performance is he captures the spirit of Kirk without doing an out and out Shatner impersonation. Sure, sometimes he pauses mid sentences and says other character names in an odd tone, but thats about it. He is cocky, he is brave and he looooooves the pussy. He is Kirk.

Another thing I like about new Trek is it taught me not to fear remakes. Sure, in the story they may be rewriting history, but in reality I still have Wraith of Khan on DVD, ready to pop in the player whenever I feel.

Michael Keaton- Batman.


See how I brought it back full circle? You may be too young to remember this (I know I am) but my brother tells me there was HUUUUGE backlash when Michael Keaton was cast as the Dark Knight.

Not physically built like a brick shit house and the garish black costume were apparently the main reasons for the hatred Also bare in mind  Keaton’s biggest role before this was Beetlejuice, a part that is more comparable to the Joker! (and to this day I maintain he would make a wicked clown prince of crime).

Even though I prefer Bale, Keaton will always hold a place in my heart as my first Batman. He also still has the best Batman Voice…….in fact I would go as far to say he originated the gravely tone we associate with Bats to this day.

So my final thoughts be this: don’t be hasty in judgement. Not until we at least get a trailer or a photograph.

I think the more important question is what will the new Bat-suit look like? I hope we are done with the black rubber, and we go back to the comics, back to the grey slimline body suit.


Then again, maybe not.

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