Casting Call: Ghostbusters


March 8, 2013 by timbuckler

Casting Call is fun game to play with your movie loving friends. You take a classic film and  recast it with actors who are around today to play the various roles. To try and keep it topical when I write these I will try to cast films that are on the rumoured remake block (though I am sure sometimes I will do one on the whim.)

So today, I’m going to ask you a question.

If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

That’s right, the police.


“Where ready to believe you!”

But incase it turns out to be a spook, as opposed to a drunken chav pissing up against your recycling bin, you call the

ghostbusters poster

I always fond the poor ghost’s confused “what the fuck?” expression quite enduring.

Now, Ghostbusters 3 has been in development hell for quite some time, and has had many different scripts and directors attached to it throughout the years.

Rumour has it they are going to keep writing it and re writing it untill Bill Murray thinks it’s good enough for him to give a fuck about. Trouble is, Bill Murray doesn’t tend to give a fuck about anything.

Here he is performing a set at a guitar concert, even though he can’t really play guitar. Because he doesn’t give a fuck.

Anywhos, some people tend to have issues with them making Ghostbusters 3, mainly because of their all getting on a bit. I personally don’t find this to be an issue, as half the charm of Ghostbusters is they are not action heroes, there typical looking guys, and I find the thought of four old men suiting up for one last adventure to be quite funny.

So, one of the rumours is that the busters recruit younger guys to pass the mantle on too, and if that aint casting call material, I don’t know what is……….

So are your proton packs fired up? cool. Let us begin.

The arrogant, sarcastic “hero” (The Venkman)


Peter Venkman is on of my idols. He is probably the main reason I decided to try and live my life constantly making jokes and never taking anything too seriously. Sadly, instead of turning out kind of cool and kind of lethargic like Bill Murray, I ended up loud and shouty, constantly singing and making stupid faces whilst my belly flops about, like Jack Black.


I look nothing like him, by the way.

Peter is an arrogant, self-centered, lazy prick, yet is still lovable and gets the girl in the end. Starting to see why he is my hero?

Who would I cast?


Paul Rudd. Rudd reminds me of a young Bill Murray. He has that thing where he can say or do anything outlandish and stupid, yet still look quite cool doing it. I think he is great at improvised comedy, and delivers snide remarks like a pro. Also, he is good in movies with  an ensemble cast, e.g Anchorman, Dinner for Schmucks, Wanderlust, and he seems to be in his element when playing characters reacting to fucked up situations, and in Ghostbusters, there are plenty of fucked up situations to get into.

The serious, brilliant with a hint of madness one (The Spengler)


Egon Spengler is the “serious” one. He doesn’t wise crack, he is a hard worker and he is an absolute genius. He is the perfect ying to Venkman’s yang, and the two bounce off each other brilliantly.

But that is not to say he is the straight man. He is a funny character in his own right, not because of jokes, but because of the quirky “mad scientist” thing he has going on.

When I was young I wanted to have hair like Egon’s, and when I took a bath I use to try to mold my barnett in that style. Just thought I would share that with you guys.

Who would I cast?


Don Cheadle. Mostly known for serious roles, but the dude can be fucking hysterical. In Ironman 2 Cheadle plays Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, the closet thing Robert Downey   Jnr’s Tony Stark has to a best friend. All though his character is more grounded than Stark, and Stark likes to tease him a little, Rhodey doesn’t stand for Tony’s bullshit. He is his own man, he is strong and determined, but still cares for his friend.

Cheadle could easily be the brains of the group, and still deliver laughs.

The level headed counter point (The Stanz)


Ray Stanz is basically the middle ground between Egon and Peter. He is a genius, but not quite on the same level as Spengler, and he enjoys a swig of whisky and a smoke, but is more focused than lazy Venkman.

I suppose you could also describe Ray as the “innocent” or “nice” one, like Chunk in the Goonies, or Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks. You feel a little more sympathetic for Ray if something bad happens to him.

Ray is the driving force, the enthusiastic child, whether he is happily running around the fire-station HQ asking “Does this pole still work?” or bringing the apocalypse in the physical form of a giant Mr Stay-puff marshmallow man, because it is the most innocent thing he could think of.

Who would I cast?


Kat Dennings. First and formost because I think she is cute as a button, and she was at her most adorable in Thor.

The second reason is because I think it would be really cool to have a goth type person who has a love of the occult in the gang, which I think Dennings could do well at.

In 1997 the Ghostbusters franchise had a little revival in the form of a cartoon show called Extreme Ghostbusters , which focused on Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston’s protegé’s.

In this new group there is a character called Kylie Griffin who is basically a witch


Sadly the series was short lived on account of it being shit.

I always thought that was a great idea, and you could have a lot of fun with her casting spells and communicating with the dead.

The third reason is because I have a theory Dennings would look sexy as tits in a boiler suit.

The new recruit (The Zeddemore)


Winston Zeddemore does not appear in the first film untill halfway through. He has no previous experience with the paranormal, he is just a guy looking for a job. When things start kicking off in the second act, its through Winston we learn how the containment unit works, and what it would be like to be an average guy in this wacky world of ghosts and ghoulies (I HAVE SEEN SHIT THAT WILL TURN YOU WHITE!)

Winston is the most human of the Ghostbusters, and probably has the most quotable lines…….Now thats a big twinkie.

Who would I cast?


Jay Baruchel. Based solely on his performances in Tropic Thunder and Sorcerers Apprentice, Jay seems to have the whole “newbie” thing down to a tee.

Also I find him very likable, especially when he plays outsider roles. Maybe his character could have a whole sub plot where he has a crush on Kat Dennings. After all, dude seems to always have a crush on  a girl who’s out of his league, Like Teresa Palmer or Jennifer Love Hewitt. In fact the fucker ever starred in a film called She’s out of my league.


Can anyone say “typecast”?

So those are my four. Who would you guys pick? why not leave a comment or follow me on twitter @TimBuckler316

Peace out amigoes xxx


One thought on “Casting Call: Ghostbusters

  1. thessaily says:

    Not bad my friend, not bad. Not sure Bill Murray can be replaced. Perhaps clone his dna, make a younger one and just use that? The man is a legend… Alternatively give the film to Wes Andersen and suddenly Murray will give a fuck 😉 xx

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